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Ready To Drink Cocktails: A Growing Convenience Category

ready to drink cocktail

In the convenience alcohol category, ready-to drink cocktails are the fastest-growing product. A ready to drink cocktail is made with the same quality and skill as drinks served in your favorite bar.

The best brands know how important it is to deliver authentic cocktail recipes using only premium ingredients. They’re winning consumers over this way.

No More Mixing

It’s no surprise that ready-to drink cocktails are on the increase. With more people spending time at home, and less time socializing out, it makes sense. Whether you are a cocktail connoisseur, or simply looking for a drink that is better than beer or seltzer to replace it with, these canned or bottled options will allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks without the hassle of preparing them.

ready to drink cocktail

RTD cocktails make for a convenient cocktail that is perfect for picnics and barbecues. You don’t have to bring the mixers, garnishes and tools you would need to mix your own cocktails.

Lastly, ensure that your RTD is made from premium spirits. These products are made with carefully selected ingredients and are typically sold at the strength that you or your friends might be served in a restaurant or bar. This ensures that your drink will be perfectly balanced and delicious every time you open a can or pull off the cap of a bottle.

Cocktail RTDs are incredibly popular in the United States despite being a relatively new trend. This is due to a number of factors, including the emerging at-home cocktail culture, the rise of spirits brands that prioritize quality ingredients, and the increased availability of high-quality RTDs from both established and newcomer distilleries. This category is expected to continue growing in the future.

No More Measuring

Ready-to-drink cocktails are a great option for anyone who enjoys a good cocktail or wants something more refreshing than beer. They offer convenience and quality in a single bottle. These single-serving beverages, also known as bottled drinks, bottled cocktails or bottled mixed drinks have gained popularity in recent times for their convenience.

Compared to a homemade cocktail, a ready drink requires less preparation and can easily be made. This is perfect for people who are busy and want to enjoy a drink but don’t have the time to make it from scratch. A bottled cocktail can be a convenient option for entertaining guests, and it eliminates the need for multiple ingredients and specialized equipment.

A well-made drink is a delicate balance between sweet, acidic and savory flavors. It takes practice to perfect the art of mixing. Even slight errors in measurement can affect the outcome. With a cocktail in a bottle, you can mix without worrying about exact measurements. This can mean the difference between an amazingly balanced drink and one that is watered down.

The bottled RTD drink category is booming, with growth outpacing many other on-premise categories like hard seltzer and craft beer. The trend is driven mostly by consumer demand, which is for convenient and high-quality drinks that fit their lifestyles. In particular, millennial consumers are driving the category’s growth by seeking out brands that offer the convenience of RTDs with the quality and sophistication of premium spirits.

With their convenient packaging and portability, RTD cocktails are a great option for bars and restaurants to offer on-tap for customers. RTDs have become increasingly popular in the restaurant industry due to staffing shortages and budget restrictions. RTDs are an excellent choice for airports and hotels who don’t want to spend the time or money to stock up on full bars, but still want to offer their guests a tasty cocktail.

No More Bad Cocktails

Cocktails can be difficult to make, particularly if you want to recreate the flavors of your favourite bar. Luckily, premixed cocktails eliminate all of the guesswork that goes into creating a great drink. This way, you can rest assured knowing that every sip of your RTD cocktail is made from high-quality ingredients and balanced for the best flavor.

As the RTD cocktail market continues to grow, it’s important for brands to understand what makes a good recipe for these drinks. The best ingredients and flavors are crucial to the success of a canned cocktail, and it’s important to find a manufacturer that understands this. You should also work with a distributor who has a relationship with retailers, and can get your product in front of the right customers.

Storage is also a key factor in creating a successful RTD. RTD cocktail storage is different from beer or seltzer. While these drinks can be kept outside, they will degrade. If you store RTD cocktails correctly, they can stay fresh for six months. You can store your drinks in a pantry, garage or basement, if needed.

Ready-to drink cocktails are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy a quality beverage at home. They are great for parties, especially when you don’t want to mix and measure. Plus, they are a great option for camping nightcaps or tailgating drinks!

No More Mess

When the ready-to drink cocktails of a brand are as good as drinks from bars, they can eliminate consumers’ need to keep bar carts fully stocked. This can reduce clutter and make the kitchen more functional. It is also convenient to be able to take cocktails anywhere you go. Unlike beer or hard seltzer, RTD cocktails can easily be placed in coolers for picnics, sporting events, and parties.

Not all canned cocktails, however, are created equal. Look for brands that have been vetted by mixologists and use only the highest quality ingredients. Avoid those that cut corners with artificial options such as citric acid and other preservatives that create off-flavors in the final beverage.

Look for a drink that contains all the ingredients you would expect to find in your favorite bar. This includes high-quality liquors and syrups as well as fruit juices. The cocktail should have the same strength that you would get from a bartender.

Avoid processed juices such as lemon concentrate when making a cocktail. Over time, these preservatives can degrade the flavor and add bitter, harsh flavors to the final beverage.

Avoid using any citrus fruit rinds, as they can add an unpleasant bitterness. Save the beautiful lemon peels as garnish and add them to your dish when you are ready to serve.

Avoid any canned cocktail that calls for additional ingredients, such as lime juice or garnish. The cost of your gin can quickly rises as a result of these steps. Look for a cocktail that has everything you need right inside the can.

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