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Why do men break up with women?

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If we get into the detail of the reasons why men break up with women, we may have a lot of answers, but it may be possible that your answer could be entirely different from what we may have discussed. The reasons could be innumerable, and the reason which may lead to breaking up by one man may not be considered worthy enough by any other man. So when a point comes when two partners decide to break up with each other, there may be different reasons for different people for doing so. And in this article, we will discuss the various reasons for which a man may break up with women. 

Where is the compatibility?

The first and the most common reason found is the lack of compatibility. Lack of understanding or compatibility ruins most of the relationships. But now, you would say that if two people are not compatible with each other, why would they decide to be together? The answer to this question is men may decide to be in a relationship with women initially because of attraction. Later on, with time, the partners may fall into disputes or arguments due to which they may decide to break up.

The second most common reason found for a break up by men is the disobedient behaviour by women. In many a relationship, women demand their own space of ruling, and they demand to be heard while deciding on important matters. And on the other hand, men think that they are the sole decision-maker of the relationship. In these cases, men can’t tolerate the demand made by the women, and thus women oppose to be dictated all the time, resulting in a break-up

Lack of interest

Yet another reason could be the fading of interest in a relationship. There is a common tendency found in women that they hardy invest time to flourish their relationship with time they get so much so indulge in the family, which results in the loss of charm in a relationship. As a result of this, men do break up with women.

Too much dependency

When women portray themselves that it is only their men for whom they are solely devoted and don’t have anything else to do except wait for their men and love him, talk to their men only, think about them only, then it reflects their neediness. But, unfortunately, this neediness dependency does not attract the men towards the women; rather, this may bring irritation for men and may lead to extreme consequences resulting in breakups. Thus, a woman needs to divide her time and importance so that her men could also value her time.

Your reason for the break up could be entirely different from what we have discussed in this article. But for a relationship to work smoothly, all that is important is understanding and compatibility, without which no relationship could flourish. Thus make sure you love and care for your partner.

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